I find it so funny that people actually think those three dots on oli’s face are freckles.


and that’s why the new DD collection is called ‘crazy life’

Anonymous - When I see bmth I feel like the Crowd is my family. When I saw them at American Dream OM&M was before them and there were a lot of rude people. But when bmth I just felt a connection and had the greatest set of my life.

amazing! i think this is how we feel when we find a place where we belong right? <3

what’s the best thing of being a bmth fan?

noxivm - I'd say, it's not only the music but like how we've all gotten to see them grow up into the amazing men that they are. I love seeing them happy and it truly brings me (lol) SO MUCH joy. Look at Oli and Hannah for example, they're engaged! And I know I'm not the only one who loves seeing him as happy as he is now he's with her, especially after he battled his addiction to ket. I feel like we've been there through it all and it's so amazing to witness their journeys :)

sad thing is we’ve “lost” a lot of people when Jordan joined the band/ Jonah left/ Sempiternal came out and everything :( I feel like we used to be so much closer to them and to each other (as fans) before… but yes what you said is absolutely true. and adding one thing I’m so proud of Oli right now, it makes me so happy that he is confident enough to speak out about his addiction and struggles and stuff…

what’s the best thing of being a bmth fan?