Hello there! I don't like descriptions, I never know what to put on them so yeah, I hope you enjoy my blog xo
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Q: I don't feel the "connection" with oli anymore, I mean, I still love him but before he used to reply to some fans and stuff like that, now he just posts stuff about dropdead and to be honest it annoys me a little bit (sorry if I made any mistake c: )

I totally agree with you. I feel the exact same :l

Q: Why is it a bad thing for you to be a BMTH fan…?

I don’t know, but it gets me into that mood in which I want to isolate myself from the world and just lie down and stare at the ceiling and wait for death to come and take me.
I think it is because I discovered BMTH in a really dark period of my life, I used to self harm and all and their music wouldn’t help me get out of that, it would just make everything feel okay.
And even tho I am not better now, I can see it clearly that listening to some musics (not only bmth) will only keep me stuck where I am.
I also feel like Oli’s changed SO MUCH in the past few months and I just really miss the “old him”, this kinda hurts me sometimes..
I still love their music, but I guess I need a break.

Q: you're not posting anything lately why

oh dear I’m afraid I’m kind of addicted to a horse face alien cucumber

and that leaves me no time to blog about other stuff.

besides… being a BMTH fan is not good for me anymore, so I’m trying to avoid some bmth-related things, I’m sorry :l

Q: I legit love you so much I'm in the middle of class squealing about oli's cuteness. Halp

squealing about oli’s cuteness in the middle of class seems great! hahaha
you’re so sweet, cheers x

Q: Where do you get all your Oli photos there perfect 😻

All Oli photos are perfect actually. Most of those I post are from google or flickr :)

Q: So I really want to send oli some fan mail and stuff, but I don't exactly know where... Suggestions?

Try talking to one of the Drop Dead staff, I think they can help you sweetpie x